7.12.2012 - Monterey County Weekly - Heady Metal: Granted Earth builds on a ripping local thrash legacy at Jose's Underground. Read more.

3.4.2012 - No Clean Singing - Granted Earth, a three-piece from Monterey, CA, dabble in post-metal, mixing it with stoner rock and sludge and topping it all off with a progressive flair. Read more.

1.26.2012 - 9Lives Club Battle of the Bands Interview with Gilroy Patch - Granted Earth is a three-member band with an in-your-face sound that combines sludge-metal, post rock and other influences. The band has released two albums since forming in 2009 and is about to record their third. Read more.

9.1.2011 - Heavy Planet Stoner Rock Blog "New Band to Burn One To"- "Influenced by the likes of bands such as Tool, Neurosis and Opeth, Granted Earth….meanders their way through seductive progressive rhythms, fluid bass lines, captivating guitar sequences and tops it off with the addition of horrified screaming vocals. Absolutely fucking brilliant!" Read more.

8.12.11 - SludgeLord's "New Band to Check Out" - "These guys were mainly an Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal band on their outstanding first release. But they made a brave decision in adding vocals to their new release - Nomad. And it's a decision that pays off brilliantly. As Jon's vocals sound of a tortured soul going through like the title suggests. A Nomadic journey into the unknown." Read more.

8.17.10 - Chybucca Sounds Review of Thermal Tide

- "Influenced by the post-rock and sludge metal pioneers of Isis, Pelican, Neurosis and Swedish progressive heavy metal band Opeth, 'Thermal Tide' sees the band take the best elements of each of these bands, while putting their own stamp on the experimental metal genre." Read more.

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