Granted Earth fell into formation in April 2009 in Monterey, California, where the great valley meets the sea. The band's inspiration derives from the land that surrounds them and the forces that brought members Jon Ugale (drums/vocals), Rebecca Ugale (guitar), and Mallory Mickel (bass) together.

Provided the band's intentions in sound and delivery, in March 2010 they first released an earthly full-length instrumental album entitled Thermal Tide. The album travels through a diverse group of songs that are formatted around a post-rock wall of experimentation with various metal and rock passages and progressions. Sludge one minute, into post-rock, then avant-garde metal to finish on an inclined stop, with various flute solos and synth-scapes creating a different but familiar feeling throughout the record.

From earthquakes to tsunamis, weather, and war, times are changing along with this band's intentions in sound. In March 2011, the element of water created their second release Nomad, a five-song EP submerged in massive sludge riffs attacked by fierce drumming and bass rhythms. The new addition of insane vocal terror performed by Jon from behind the kit comes across like serious warnings of impending doom.